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We do not want to call this an “Old age home “ A small “Vasudeva Kudumbakam” is more appropriate name ! Old people who lived their prime period of life helping and supporting others and forgot to live their own lives – but in their old age, when they need support from others, nobody want to own them – from all walks of life irrespective of case, creed or religion. A group of unfortunate souls destined to live together in this life – is this Vasudevaka Kudumbam !

Karunya Geriatric Care Centre is a unit of “ Palakkad Alzheimers’ Charitable Trust “ – a non profit making organization (Certificate No.2186 /2013) doing charitable work in the field of Geriatric Care since February 2001. This Trust is registered with Sub-Registrar of Palakkad, Kerala – Regn.No.51 of Book IV on 8th February 2001. This Trust also has approval by Govt. of Kerala Board of Control for Orphanages, Trivandrum to run Karunya Geriatric Care Centre, Palakkad as non profit making organization. This Trust is also approved by the Comissioner of Income Tax Trichur, as an institution to which al donations are exempted from payment of Incmoe Tax under section 80G – Certificate No. CIT-TCR-/TECH/80G-36/2009-10.

Ideally located off Palakkad Town, near the Govt.Poly Techni College, Karingarappully, in a serene locality, just 3.8 Km.from Palakkad Town Railway Station, is a home away from home for any residents.. At present there are 22 residents ( 14 women and 8 men – in the range of 65 to 85 years of age). All these people are really destitute (with no home or no close relatives to take care of them) and have become real “orphans” in their fag end of lives due to various reasons – the privileged say this is their destiny !

In the recently expanded facility, we have place for men and women to complete the compliment to 30 people for which we have approval from Government. Also we have room accommodation for 10 people on payment of a nominal rent. But at the time of admission, they must be able to do their daily activities of life, like, taking bath, going to toilet, eating food etc. as our nursing care facilities are under development. One thing we have undertaken is that we will take care of these people with love and protection as they deserve until they pass away ! .

Management of the Trust

Trustee / PresidentDr.M.Sivathanu Pillai – A leading consultant psychiatrist in Palakkad is also a comitted Social Worker always available for any humanitarian work.. He is well respected in the Palakkad IMA and is the back bone of “Margadeepthi” a charitable Organisation helping Psychiatric patients in Palakkad.
Tel.No. 0491 – 2533873 / 944707 3383.
Trustee / SecretarySri.P.Madhusudhan – Is the Resident / Secretary of Karunya GCC. He is a retired manager from British Petroleum, Dubai, widely travelled with wide experience of people management in India & Abroad.
Tel.No.0491 2571090 / 9447408252.
Trustee / MemberSri.K.Mayankutty – Is the Resident / Trustee of Karunya GCC and is living with his wife Mrs.Sathidevi who supports Mayankutty in the activities of the centre. Mayankutty is a retired Railway Employee with a long history of charity work through Sri. Satya Sai Bhaba organization in Palakkad.
Tel.No. 0491 – 2571090 / 9495396406.
Trustee / MemberSri.K.Sundareswaran – is a retired Businessman with wide experience in the field of Medicines. He is also a well known social worker in Palakkad with strong commitment and integrity.
Tel.No. 9037950929.
Trustee / MemberSri.P.Santhana Krishnan – is a retired Nationalized Bank Manager with wide contacts in his field of work. He is also a man of compassion towards the marginalized community of the society.
Tel.No. 9048445331.

The above team of Trustees, is efficiently supported by a locally constituted “Karunya Welface Committee” with 15 members, well known in the local community for their commitment in different charitable services. This team is lead by Sri.P.Parameswaran, retired from Indian Air force.
Tel.No. 0491 – 25272126 / 9400872126.