Karunya – Services

Our Main Activity is “Geriatric Care” as given in the name itself. We have built up facilities to take care 30 deserving destitute old people in Karunya. At present there are 22 residents (14 Women and 8 Men) and they are taken care in a loving homely atmosphere. Our Mission is to give them a dignified life with whatever care we could give them till they breath their last!

A good accommodation, good food and reasonably good medical care – everything is given free in a very homely atmosphere. We have a group of dedicated and committed staff and Volunteers on call to help these people.

Other Activities

Since July 2002 (more than ten years) we have been conducting a FREE Allopathic Geriatric Medical Outpatient Clinic at Karunya. Till 2018, we have conducted 620 medical camps in which 22,497 old people from local community have made use of our Free service. So far we have purchased medicines worth Rs.6000/- per month and distributed free and this services is very much appreciated by the local community. This has been our main health care project for last 16 years and is still continuing.


Our permanent Medical centre – KARUNYA MEDICAL CENTRE – with facilities for 2 Doctors to examine patients, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Male & Female Observation rooms etc. was inaugurated. This will enhance our present medical support to our inmates and local people attending our Medical camps.

We have further plans to

  • Start a Geriatric Nurses Training programme.
  • Do a proper survey and identify Alzheimers’ patients in Kodumba Panchayath and Provide home care services wherever possible.
  • If feasible, start a day care centre for Alzheimers’ patients.

Funding and Govt. Grants

As this is a humanitarian service, we have a group of well wishers who donate to their might every month. Also we get sponsors for food when they celebrate their birthdays, marriages, memory days of parents etc. and by Gods grace both ends are met without much problems at present. Possibilities of getting Central / State Govt. Grants are also being explored and we may get some after we prove our credibility as an NGO.

How can you participate in this humanitarian services ?

  • You may contribute Rs.2000/- regularly every month sponsoring one time food.
  • You may sponsor one Lunch (full sadya) celebrating your birthday, wedding anniversary, memory days of late parents etc at Rs.2000/-
  • You may sponsor one resident – monthly Rs.2500/-
  • Be a volunteer – spend some time with these people and listen to their stories.
  • Be extravagant in giving – if you give more, you will have more space to fill in !

All donations to Palakad Alzheimers’ Charitable Trust are exempted from payment of Income Tax under section 80G – Cert.No.CIT/TCR/TECH/80G-36/2009-10.
Our Account No. is with Union Bank of India, Chandranagar Branch, Palakad. Act.No.SB.339602010008103 – Palakkad Alzheimers’ Charitable Trust. IFSC Code : UBIN 0533963.